The Way Science Works

98-1 academic year, final examination, simulation tests


1. What are the two inventions that lead to the award of Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009 ?

2. Why diamond looks brighter than usual gem stone or glass even if cut to be the same shape ?

3. What are the two major advantage of using number system ?

4. Explain what is a transistor, describe its structure and function.

5. Draw diagram to show the way DRAM (dynamic random access memory) works (i.e. how it read and write bits from and to a certain address space).

6. What is the physics phenomenon help a radio to tune to a station one like to listen ?

7. Describe the procedure to make a music CD or movie DVD.

8. What are primary colours of light ?

9. Does high ISO value of film or camera mean more or less sensitive ?

10. write down the number seven in binary form.

11. Mechanical calculating machines eventually do not been developed to become efficient computers, why ?

12. Which colour of light has short wave length ? red or blue ?

13. What is photoresist ? How are micro/nano scale circuits made on silicon chip with the area of a finger nail ?

14. What is the simple while fundamental reason that made a pin-hole camera works.

15. In "Visions" TV series professor Kaku mentioned three scientific revolution.

16. Explain why a piece of semiconductor is needed in a digital (electronic) thermometer.

17. Write down all possibility of a half adder in the form of true false table.

18. Why many ancient currencies use a non-decimal system.

19. What is the subject you learn most from the course.

20. What is the subject you like most in the course.