The Way Science Works 103-1 Final Examination Hints


What is the content and conclusion of Newton's famous double prism experiment.

Why blue skin or hair mammals are extremely rare on earth surface (land).

What are the primary colours of light, pigment and the complementary colour of red ?

Why pin-hole camera can be used to form image ? Draw to show.

Describe the relation between aperture size and depth of photographs. Draw picture to show how an image form in a pin-hole camera.

In what kind of transparent medium does light travels faster, a higher density one or a lower density one ?

Why people can not see clearly in water even wearing eye glasses they wear daily.

Describe the general working principle of an amplifier, and give two examples.

How does a loud speaker work ?

Why high frequency speakers (twitters) are usually smaller than the low frequency ones ?

Why high frequency sound can not be reproduced by a large-size loud speaker ?

Some speaker set has a hole, what is it for ?

What are the advantages of using a Number System ?

Based on what principle does radio receivers tune to any right station listeners has chosen ?

What do communication optics fiber and jewelry diamond have in common ?

A radio receiver is not a computer, why does it need some transistors installed ?

Why the read/write head of a DVD Drive always requires laser light source instead of LED or light bulb.

write-once DVD-R and erasable DVD-RW are different in working principles, describe such difference.

Describe in detail the procedure of DVD stamp-pressing production method.