The way science works : 2017 Jan Final Exam Hints


High frequency sound could not be produced by large cone-size loudspeaker, explain why.

What is the general principle of an amplifier?

Spectral color and non-spectral color, give two examples for each.

What is the definition of ˇ§forming an imageˇ¨?

What are the differences between pin-hole and lens-ed camera.

What is total reflection? When will that happen? Give two examples.

What is the advantage of using numbers system (i.e., using numeric letters and digits) ?

How many kinds of possibility are there for two one-bit binary numbers adding together ?

Why some early age currencies do not use decimal system (i.e. not to use multiple of ten, but, say, 12, for example)?

With some circuits to monitor electrical current and show number, a digital thermometer requires only a single piece of semiconductor has sensor of temperature, why?

Why ionosphere reflect EM radio wave?

The effect of ˇ§resonanceˇ¨ has appeared twice in our course, what units are those?

Radio stations can be selected set to one at each time by adjust the tuner on radio player, what is the principle behind this?

Which one is correct? Exposed to stronger (intense) light, (1) more (photo) electrons escape from semiconductor or metallic surfaces, (2) the escaped electrons have higher energy. Who explained this effect?

Explain what is a Charged Coupled Device (CCD) and what can it do.

Why is it possible to store so much information onto a DVD disc?