100-2 Final Exam of Global Technology Revolution


1. Please describe how cells make protein from DNA codes.

2. In the film DNA Era: Episode (4), it was said that teloreme is a knife with two blades (advantages and disadvantages). On one hand it restricts the number of times that a body cell can divide, on the other hand it enhance the speed of evolution. Please describe the reason behind this fact.

3. What negative effect will occur if one's serotonin level is too low?

4. What bad side effect may occur to the if fed animal with they are fed with lean meat powder?

5. Why is there DNA in mitochondria? Why analysing mitochondria DNA is a good way to trace the origin of human species?

6. What can be the consequences of antibiotics abuse? Give two examples.

7. Are genetically modified foods safe? Why is explicit labeling of it important?

8. Given that the genetic similarity between human and rats is as high as 75%, but why the shape and functions of these two species are so different?

9. From the bio- (genome) diversity view point, how to rationalise the idea of "patients with genetic disease are suffering on behalf of health people"?

10. What is a Gene?