104-2 Final Exam Simulated Test


What negative side effect will happen if antibiotics is over-used (misused).


There is only 1.5% of human gene are different from what apes have, how to explain the huge difference between the two species ?


What is gene ?


In which way scientists found DNA form its double helix structure ?


Explain in detail how proteins are made according to DNA ?


Given all cells in one body have same entire set of DNA blue-print, why organs and body parts are different and in their right places ?


Why P53 gene related to the cause of many kinds of cancers ?


Fat gene and sickle-cell anaemia (a red blood cell deficient disease) has its advantage and its disadvantage for human, how come ?


Explain why skin peeling off after serious sun burn is a good thing.


Ring-like DNA and linear DNA are different in the scense that the later has telomere, what is the significance of such difference ?


Human cloning is possible now, but most countries forbid it by law. Why ?