104-2 Mid-term Exam Hints of Revolution of Technologies


How Internet evolved from military technologies ?

What is narrow AI ? Give two examples.

What is ubiquitous computing ?

What is the purpose of emotion for biological beings ?

What is Moore's law ?

What drives Moore's Law ?

Give one reason each why a computer chip "can be" and "can not be" cost as chip as a piece of paper.

What is Alan Turing's contribution and what is the so called Turing Test ?

Can machine recognise pattern (objects on streets) ? How can that be possible ?

What are top-down approach and button-up approach of Artificial Intelligence ?

In the firm The 13th Floor. How people in the world of simulation found their world to be a simulated one ?

In the firm "The 13th Floor", what exactly is on the thirteenth floor?

What is "Deep Brain Stimulation" for?

What are the "three phases of computing" ?

What are the three scientific revolutions of the 20th century ?

How to build emotion into a machine?

How the memories of mice were enhanced by computer chip technology?