Final Exam Hints 2010 06


What can P-53 gene do and why is it so closely related to many types of cancers ?

Roughly explain why can novelty-seeking may have a genetic origin.

What will happen when a person's serotonin level is too low ?

Explain the function of Telomere and its effect on how many times a cell can devide.

What is PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) that open used in DNA figerprinting.

Genetically modified tomoto can make shelf life much longer, how was that done ?

The latest theory predcted mordern human come from Africa, by analysing ring like DNA in mitochondria (sigle : mitochondrion). How was such reasoning established ?

Sub atomic particle can appear in anywhere at same time, which scientific revolution help mankind to understand this ?

What are carbon nanotubes ?

Neuclear fusion provde clean and almost limimted energy source comapred to the scale human use today, what is the major problem need to be overcome ?

There will also be questions come from the book Visions by Kaku, please read the book. (Detail hints will appear on monday evening [Sorry, home network broken. updated Tusday evening])

What is : The "Fuse" for Cancer accornding to the book Visions ?

What are "Three Stages in Medicine" mentioned in the book Visions?

What is the ratio of genetic overlap between human and mice ? and how about chimpanzee ?