Exam Preparation Review

1. How do we know the age of rock?

2. Load Kelvin predicted the age of earth base on reasonable cooling formula of matter, why did he failed so dramatically?

3. How the existence of continental drift was proven by magnetic measurement of seabed rocks?

4. How much temperature raise for each 1 km deep?

5. Why is earth core still hot and molton?

6. Why scientists know certain rock was ancient riverbed?

7. Why scientists know certain rock is under sea volcano?

8. Huge rock on open flat land means what?

9. Cold winter or cold summer, which one caused the Ice age?

10. There was no gaseous oxygen exist in early Earth atmosphere until certain geological age, what was the evidence?

11. How do we know to thete were long periods of warm and cold in the history of the Earth?

12. What possibly stop the Snowball Earth and bring warm back again?

13. The earliest soft-body multicell living form is animal, hw do we know ?

14. How Moon help stablize Earth's climate ?

15. Large scale volcano activity was the reason of mass extinction

16. Chalk is a mineral, why is it biological related ?

17. Study of ice-core study tell us ?

18. Mars too cold and venus too hot

19. why there is no water on venus surface ?

20. Why ocean bed mud provide termperature profile?

21. Volcano on Venus doesn't form rim of fire like Earth, why ?