Discussion Topics


Computer (Intelligence) Revolution

What is a computer ?

How was computer mode ?

Philosophy and Mathematics of modern computers : Turing Machine


Moore's Law

Will silicon chips really become as cheap as papers ? (the difference between appliance and consumable )

What are the predictions made in Visions TV episodes that you think not likely to happen ? (second life ?)

Second Life ? How about second brain ?

Use all resources for servival ?

teleimerson, why so many camerra needed ? what is the difference between watching a real show and broadcasting ? (see any focus you wanted to see)

who really played "second life"

"Mind Change"

AI : narrow and wide

AI :weak and strong

AI : top-down and button-up

AI : expert systems and neural networks


two-legs walking, anyone try to push or trap it ?


Law for robots, why should robots obey ? (natural resources is limited)


Superbots, Catoms


Emotion for machine Intelligence

How to make robots looks more like human ?

human against machines ? Test before use ? depends on how careful we are (examples from bio and AI).

Re-incarnation machine

Turing Test

The highland, the final frontier : consciousness

Goedel's incompleteness theorem

Mathematical proof as human intelligence (calculating machine vs proof machine)

What is intelligence ?

A Strange loop

stilnox and sleepwalking


Deep Brain Stimulation : where is the source "happiness" in brain ?



AI weapon news

Robot playmate ?


What is IBM Watson ? What csn it do ? (8000 medical journal pubished per day.)

What is Softbank Pepper ? What cs it do ?


pirate on sea, so auto sailing finishing boat ?

How to prevent bad people hijacting your auto car ?


Deep brain sitmulation, stimulate happiness, and how about sexial feeling ? should that be allowed ?

When brain research improved, can one change homesexial to hetro or vica versa ?


Opinion: Robots and AI could soon have feelings, hopes and rights … we must prepare for the reckoning
Cambrudge (link)



Desire to servie, does AI have it ? What make machines wanting to live forever ?

Will there be religon for AI ?


Bio-molecular Revolution


How similar ? We and other living things.


What inspires Darwin theory of evolution ?

Where is the fear of death, dark or any kinds, come from ?

Fear is a emotion.

Can we live forever ?

Do you want to live forever, if it is possible ?

Why do you want to live forever ?

What are the thing we know that could live forever ?

What is life ?

"What is life", the book.

"What is life", the new Japanese book.

Why is human cloning illegal ?

Why is human cloning unmoral ?

How about twins ?

Treat cloned human as twins, is that then legal or ethical ?

Imagine a play, all actors look a like. (animal planet ?)

What will human society becomes ? If we all look alike ?

Think about ants ? (How ants colony know food is found ?)

the abuse of antibiotics in medicine and in food production, E coli event in 2011 summer.

The problem of mass production agriculture (corn farm as an example)

prion (MCD) and "lean meet esence /powder"

國外最新研究發現/病牛肌肉的普利昂蛋白具傳染力 http://libertytimes.com.tw/2012/new/apr/29/today-life3.htm


Is genetically moified foods safe ? (mnay different kinds) Why are explicit labeling important ?


Food additives, GMO, and supercomputers ? A new way of marketing ?

Test is expensive, so cover-up while I can, suit me or buy from me.

Our culture expects whole animal could be eaten. (A statement or a question ?)

Environmental activists' reason again taking shark fin.

looks simple and easy ? think 夾娃娃機 (claw machine / crane machine) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claw_crane


Lean Meat Essence (Beef and Pork)

Free marcket ? efficiency ? high-tech competitiveness ? loweing standard ? who's standard ?  value vs. justice ? What policy making do you prefer ?



Not only length matters



Quantum Revolution

What is Quantum ?

The histroy






Planetray Civilisation

Planet : the origin of its name

Star and Planet

Why should human civalisation continue ?

Deterministic (fate) or Not ? The Universe.

Is there Free will ?

Are we ordinary or extraordinary ?

Why no contact with Alains ?

SETI or Not SETI ?

Are we a perl / jewel or a pebble ?