Exam hints for 98-2 mid-term


Where to find answers : Visions (book), Visions (TV), notes and discussions during lectures.


What the does so-called "ubiquitous computing" mean?

Describe Moore's Law.

What Drives Moore's Law ?

What are the "three phases of computing" ?

What are the three scientific revolutions of 20th centry ?

Emotion is important for intelligence, why ?

How to build emotion to a machine ?

Dalai Lama met with scientists at the New York Academy of Sciences to explore the link between science and religion. He was asked if he was familiar with work on artificial intelligence. When he said he was, he was asked if an artificial intelligence being was a reincarnated being. What did Dalai Lama replied ?

Write down five examples of the applicatiojn of virtual reality and computer modeling.

In the film "The 13th Floor", what is there on the 13th floor ?

Describe Watson and Crick's contribute in scientfic discovery ?

Explain how DNA build proteins.

What is gene ?

What was discovered by Dr. Lewis after 30 years of studying fruit fries ?

How can Synergy effect greatly speed up the Human Genome Project ?