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Week 1 Introduction to this course
Week 2 ~ 4

How sicence works for
Urban and environmental technologies

Skyscrapers, sewage system, tunnels, bridges, water and garbage processing, power distribution
Week 5 ~ 6

How sceince works for
Domestic living technoloiges

microwave oven, refrigerator, smoke detector, door lock, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, static electric paper wipe
Week 7 ~ 9

How sceince works for
Audio / Visual technoloiges

microphone, HiFi system, recorder, TV, camera, filem development and printing, special effects
Week 10 Mid-term Exam  
Week 11 Exam papers return and remark  
Week 12 ~ 13

How sceince works for
Computer and microchip technologies

semiconductor Fab, processors, RAM, I/O perpherials, storage media
Week 14 ~ 13

How sceince works for
Communication technologies

telephone, mobile phone, radio wave, brocast, optical fiber, internet, e-mail, cryptography
Week 16

How sceince works for
Consumer electronic technologies

digital camera, CDROM drive, CD and DVD, LCD, touch pad, VR, 3D glasses
Week 17

How sceince works for
Office automation technologies

laser and injet printers, photocopier, fax machine, scanner, printing
Week 18 Final Exam
Extra topics Free to suggest  
  How sceince works for
Transportation, aviation and nevigation
engine, ABS, transmission, magnetic levitation train, oil tamker, hovercroft and wather blade, submarine, aircraft, helicopter, GPS navigation system
  How sceince works for
Energy resouring and utilisation
fire and hydro power plant, fossil feul exploleration, petrol industry, plastic, nuclear power, wind, tide, geo-thermal poer generation

How sceince works for
Materials and maufacturing

metallurgy, platics, paper, ceramics, nanotechnology, molecular machine, materials design
  How sceince works for
Medical examination technologies
CAT Scan, MRI, ultrasound, endoscope, laser scalpel, life sign monitoring, artificial organ, drug design
  How sceince works for
Genetic and biological technologies
  How sceince works for
Fundamental research instruments
optical and electron microscope, atomic detection, structural determination, fundametal particles, telescopes, computer simulations
  How sceince works for
Space Exploleration technologies

rockets, satellites, space shuttles, space stations, space explolers


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